Thursday, September 7, 2006

French Perfume

Why Do So Many Women's Perfumes Come Out Of French ?

Execetive summary French Perfume by Gregg hall

 It sure seems like nearly every quality women's perfume comes from French , which has been the center of the fragrance industry for over 300 years. Getting back to our story, French  began expanding into the perfume industry in the 1600's by first offering perfumed gloves. It was so popular that perfume makers and glove makers joined together to market them.

Believe it or not the fragrance industry, especially in French  has never seen a decline. The exact geo center of the world's fragrance market can probably be narrowed down to the city of Grassed near Cannes. The area employs over two thousand people in the fragrance industry and is responsible for over a half billion dollars in sales annually, making up half of the entire French perfume market. No wonder they are known all over the world for fine perfume.

A Brief Introduction on the History of Perfume in French 

Execetive summary French Perfume by Xiangtai ke

On mentioning perfume, French  is the first name that comes into people's mind. In fact, the production of perfume was not originated from French . At around 2000 AD ancient, ancient Egypt, Greece and China learned to burn spices to eliminate bad smell. The Indian people are the first people who learn to extract essence from flower petals. In the 17th century, the perfume production became an industry. 

With an increasingly growing impact, French became the perfumes production center in the world. Located in the southeastern French, Grasse plays a vital role in the perfume industry of French . Until today, it is the production center for the French spices and perfumes. It is responsible for the production of the most famous perfumes.

Now many perfumes with different fragrances are made to appeal to different customers. In French more than 50 new perfumes will debut in the market. Everybody can find himself the suitable perfume here.

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