Monday, January 30, 2012

Cartier Perfume

It Must Be 'Must de Cartier' Perfume

Executive Summary Cartier Perfume By Collin L

In 1904, Cartier radically changed the watch industry by creating the first known wristwatch. The Cartier Company is committed to producing perfection in every product line they develop, and in 1981, they entered the world of fragrance. Cartier released Must de Cartier, a fragrance that broke the mold of traditional perfumes and colognes. Must de Cartier introduce the green scent of galbanum as the base component for this fresh revolutionary fragrance. 

The many years of fine jewelry production and craftsmanship carried over to the design, colors, and styling of Cartier fragrances. The containers as well as the fragrances they hold create an attitude of unparalleled originality. To complete the entire Cartier experience, the must de Cartier perfume bottle is packaged in the exclusive Cartier 'Red Box' which features a uniquely configured white box complete with the special Cartier wax logo seal that is tied around the exterior.
The Cartier line of fragrance is admittedly not for everyone. You might want to purchase a Cartier fragrance today and find out for yourself.

Cartier Perfume Reviews

With the initial idea of creating a unique scent that will definitely go with their jewelries and watches, Cartier embarks on their long and hideous journey in the fragrance industry. Starting with the first fragrance, the Santos de Cartier, the Cartier Perfume had built a reputation for producing one of the most elegant scents that are versatile and luxurious. 

Example of the fragrances from Cartier Perfumes are Must de Cartier perfume, Eau de Cartier perfume and the delicious Delices de Cartier perfume.
The designer behind this perfume is Jean Guichard. The eau de toilette (edt) and eau de parfum (edp) version are available in the 1.6oz and 1.7oz spray bottle respectively.

Cartier famous for its elegant and daring jewelries and watches is definitely not a push-over in the fragrance industry. Thinking of getting a watch for you or pampering yourself with one of the shimmering jewelry from Cartier, remember to match it with an equivalent fragrance from the Cartier Perfume collections. No one knows the best match for your Cartier jewelry / watch other than Cartier themselves.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paris Hilton Perfume

Paris Hilton Perfume

Executive summary Paris Hilton Perfume by Eva H Stone

Another product named after a celebrity, Paris Hilton perfume hopes to capitalize off of the fame and notoriety of this socialite. Believe it or not, Paris Hilton perfume gets a lot more good reviews than bad ones. If you like smelling sweet and very girly than this perfume is for you. Introduced to the world by Parlux Fragrances in 2005, this ultra-feminine perfume comes in a bottle that resembles a mix of the Eiffel Tower and a lamppost thrown into a glass window. Apparently, she smells like a blend of, oak moss, mimosa, peach nectar and jasmine. 

It also includes the generally accepted aphrodisiacs frozen apple, fressia, sandalwood, ylang ylang. If you're buying it as a gift, make sure it goes well with you're friends body chemistry. Smell it immediately to see what it smells like initially. Then wait a few minutes and smell again. 

Paris Hilton Perfume - Feel Like an Heiress

Executive summary Paris Hilton Perfume by Ally Wilson

Wear the Paris Hilton perfume and you will feel like an heiress. Read on to find out if the Heiress perfume is right for you.You smell like money. The Heiress perfume is a blend of Peach Granita, Star Jasmine, Passion Fruit, Orange Burst, Champagne Mimosa, Tiare Flower and Honeysuckle.It is a sweet feminine perfume that eludes wealth. Paris Hilton has created several other Paris Hilton perfumes over the years as well. The Heiress fragrance is one that will make you feel sexy, wealthy, and regal.

Paris is an heiress, socialite, actress, singer, designer, model, and author. Now you can feel and smell like an heiress as well. The Heiress perfume is a light sweet fragrance, which makes it perfect to wear anytime of year. This Paris Hilton perfume will give you the secret scent to a successful happy life.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hugo Boss Perfume

Why Hugo Boss Perfumes Are Best for Men and Women?

Executiv summary Hugo Boss Perfume by Zahoor Ul Hassan

There are more than simply get a perfume to buy the most popular at the time. The fact is that no matter how popular Katie Price gets, I doubt she knows a lot about the quality perfume. Hugo Boss Perfume is very popular with men and women around the world. The Hugo Boss brand has become one of the most exciting brands in the fashion market of men, but now fashion and lifestyle also has a number of really good perfumes for men and women proved developed. Would you like to learn more about all the men and women Hugo Boss fragrances and perfumes?

Hugo man is really a fragrance for men who live life on their own terms. For this reason, the man just a Hugo fragrance. Hugo Woman is really a perfume for women who live independently in their lives and their terms are as unique as the man Hugo for men. Hugo XX and Hugo deep red is great collection by hugo for women. If you really like the Hugo Boss perfume and fragrance line, you will definitely like the scent of Ralph Lauren perfume and range as well!

Best Hugo Boss Perfumes

Perfume and related products in the market created a lot of numbers. Today, many perfumes introduced to the market to meet customer needs. Producers and manufacturers spend their concentration in perfume and fragrance line with customer requirements.

A perfume helps the feeling of men and women in different styles. Choosing the perfect scent from the list, is energetic, fresh, cool as well as young. Perfume may be using different ingredients and flavors. Hugo Boss Perfume is one of the categories such as Woody aromas, fruit flavors, vegetable flavors, fragrances selected ocean, green and oriental perfume scent. Hugo Boss Perfumes should be chosen depending on events and festivals. 

Perfume boss should be used only when the taste of your skin, apply tastes, preferences, climate, occasions and weather conditions. So your skin and personal hugo boss fragrance perfume you bought is based. For women boss perfumes, Eau de Parfum, perfume and Eau de Cologne. While for men boss perfumes, aftershave and cologne. Whenever the market a new perfume that suits your skin and makes you always cool, fresh, new, impressive, attractive and sexy.

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