Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paris Hilton Perfume

Paris Hilton Perfume

Executive summary Paris Hilton Perfume by Eva H Stone

Another product named after a celebrity, Paris Hilton perfume hopes to capitalize off of the fame and notoriety of this socialite. Believe it or not, Paris Hilton perfume gets a lot more good reviews than bad ones. If you like smelling sweet and very girly than this perfume is for you. Introduced to the world by Parlux Fragrances in 2005, this ultra-feminine perfume comes in a bottle that resembles a mix of the Eiffel Tower and a lamppost thrown into a glass window. Apparently, she smells like a blend of, oak moss, mimosa, peach nectar and jasmine. 

It also includes the generally accepted aphrodisiacs frozen apple, fressia, sandalwood, ylang ylang. If you're buying it as a gift, make sure it goes well with you're friends body chemistry. Smell it immediately to see what it smells like initially. Then wait a few minutes and smell again. 

Paris Hilton Perfume - Feel Like an Heiress

Executive summary Paris Hilton Perfume by Ally Wilson

Wear the Paris Hilton perfume and you will feel like an heiress. Read on to find out if the Heiress perfume is right for you.You smell like money. The Heiress perfume is a blend of Peach Granita, Star Jasmine, Passion Fruit, Orange Burst, Champagne Mimosa, Tiare Flower and Honeysuckle.It is a sweet feminine perfume that eludes wealth. Paris Hilton has created several other Paris Hilton perfumes over the years as well. The Heiress fragrance is one that will make you feel sexy, wealthy, and regal.

Paris is an heiress, socialite, actress, singer, designer, model, and author. Now you can feel and smell like an heiress as well. The Heiress perfume is a light sweet fragrance, which makes it perfect to wear anytime of year. This Paris Hilton perfume will give you the secret scent to a successful happy life.

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  1. I love Paris that is why I think I'm gonna like this perfume too. Thanks! :)

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