Monday, February 27, 2012

Aftershave For Men

Men's Aftershave - Choosing a Fragrance

Executive Summary Aftershave For Men By David Ferdinand

Men's Aftershave is far and away the best selling of all the cosmetics targeted at men. We're hardwired to be attracted to people who smell good - it's a subconscious way of checking gene compatibility. You need to use deodorant to deal with the latter - not only do the light fragrances of deodorant mask bad smells, but they kill the bacteria which react with sweat to create the smells in the first place. Dealing with the former however, is the domain of aftershave.

Aftershave works by lifting the fragrance gradually off your skin, spreading it around your immediate vicinity. Body heat is what propagates this process - the hotter the area where it's applied, the faster and further the smell will spread. This is why it's recommended to apply aftershave on your wrists, neck and chest - areas with high body heat.

Choosing a fragrance is largely down to personal taste. 

How to Choose the Right Aftershave for Your Man?

Executive Summary Aftershave For Men By Joy Sheila

Now, if you want to obtain an aftershave for your man but you do not know how, read on so you can be guided. True, an aftershave with a good smell is wonderful.
However, the main function of an aftershave is basically for antiseptic purposes. An aftershave will help clean any cuts or open wounds on the face and it can actually soothe the pain from these wounds. 

Aftershave will also prevent the accumulation of dirt inside the open pores because it closes the pores when used after shaving. An aftershave product is available in the form of moisturizers, creams, liquid toners and gels. In the event that his skin becomes dry, he will need to apply moisturizer to combat the skin dryness.

There are quite a lot of fragrances of an aftershave product. But always remember that men are not quite fond with fragrances like women. In the event that your man works with a lot of people, you have to be careful in choosing the right scent.

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