Sunday, February 26, 2012

Duty Free Perfume

Duty Free Perfume

By Ariel Liberman

If you are traveling and find yourself in the airport, you will be amazed at the great selection of perfume in the Duty Free area. You will find what seems to be every type of perfume, including Bvlgari perfume. Bvlgari perfume, among many other fragrances like Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs, can be found in the Duty Free area of many international airports.

You could get lost at Duty Free. They not only have fragrances, but chocolates, alcohol, and many presents to take with you to give to family members or friends. These items tend to be a little bit expensive. But, since there are no taxes at Duty Free, that is a benefit. If you forgot to pick up presents for your mother, father, sister, or brother while traveling abroad, Duty Free is a good place for last minute shopping.

When you are in the Duty Free area of the airport, you feel like you are in a mall. You almost forget that you are still in the airport, as it is overwhelming to see all of the many products they sell. You will find mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children running around this part of the airport to buy last minute gifts.

One benefit to these products at Duty Free is they come already wrapped up nicely for you. If you bought one of these products in another store, you may have to wrap it nicely yourself and that could be sort of expensive. It is always a busy place to go since people are buying last minute things.
If you are not into shopping, just have your kid run in and buy the product for you, assuming they are not going into buy alcohol. When you are frantically looking for your next flight, or just need a break from waiting for your next flight that doesn't board until the next five hours, Duty Free is a good place to get your mind off of things.

The airport is a great place to people watch and just go window shopping. You can just see all of the different products they sell. However, in general, the items sold at the airport tend to be a lot more expensive than if you bought them outside of the airport. People who are wealthy may not mind spending an extra dollar or two, but those low on cash may just decide to wait until they get out of the airport to buy their family member a present.

So, the next time you find yourself in an international airport travelling abroad, don't think there is nothing to do there. There are plenty of shops and even the Duty Free shop to browse around to buy gifts or just look for fun. If you ran out of your Bvlgari perfume, they will most likely sell it in this part of the airport so you can try your luck there. They usually don't sell little samples, as they tend to sell in bigger quantities, but you can see if there is just a sample size to take along on your journey.

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